New Product Development

We provide all the Research required inputs using mix of leading Quantitative, Qualitative, Behavioural Science, and Neuro-Science methods to share Consumer/Audience Insights for New Product Development
Our new product development service covers;
To help our Clients win in-market place, Fantein has developed the Innovation Planning Framework that identifies winning Ideas, Concept, Product, Package, Communication and acceptable Price ranges.

The Innovation Planning Framework is a structured process that is put in place to challenge paradigms and uncover new growth opportunities. It helps our Clients accelerate growth by putting the Consumer voice at the heart of their New Product Development. We understand the market is fast-changing and deliver solutions that help you get to the next step faster and develop better Products or Services that will win in the Market. Hence the need for the Framework.

Our Innovation framework covers the range of stages on new product development (NPD) including insights generation, ideation, concept development, product development, product launch and post-launch stage.

01Insights Generation and Screening

02Ideas Testing and Validation

03Concept Testing

04Product Testing

05Concept and Product Testing (CPT)

06Volume Forecasting

07Fast Pack Screener

08Post-Launch Tracking

09Product Intelligence

10Product Optimization

11Pack Validation