Who We Are

Fantein is a full service business insights and marketing research agency serving commercial, industrial  and non commercial clients in Nigeria and other African countries. Our aim is to support corporate organizations to unleash their potentials and achieve great goals and make a difference in their category and industry through strategic marketing advice.

We provide strategic advice on a broad range of business and marketing issues, including Trade Insights, market sizing, brand Insights, market understanding, consumer planning, innovation strategy, pricing issues, promotion, communication, market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy.

We are dedicated Business & Research consultants, helping corporate organizations to understand societies, markets and identify customer needs and wants, determines which target markets it can serve best and designs appropriate products or services and programmes to serve these markets. We draw on years of experience across multiple industries, and use sophisticated market research tools to provide our clients with a dynamic blend of market-based knowledge and strategic marketing thinking.

Our Vision

To be the preferred and trusted consumer Insights & Research advisor in Africa.


To Support corporate organizations with business and market intelligence to achieve sustainable, strategic and scalable growths

We are a group of experts, with diverse experience spanning Research, Management, Strategy, Planning, Sales, Finance, Marketing and Digital Marketing

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