Brand Positioning Strategy


Fantein has developed a comprehensive framework for understanding the relative strength of brands and the underlying drivers of brand health to help our clients to develop Brand Positioning Strategy, it is called Fantein Brand*Radar™.

  • Identify target Consumers for Product or Service
  • Profile Consumers for targeting
  • Consumer Segmentation base on Needs, Motivations, Behavior and Psychographics, etc
  • Understanding Consumer Habits, Behaviors, Attitudes, Product usage and Media consumption
  • Consumer disposition towards Products and Brand
  • Brand Positioning, Brand Tracking, Brand Loyalty Analysis, Brand Equity Analysis.
Create Growth by Understanding
Strength of Brand in mind and in Market
How to (re)-position Brands and identify Innovation Platforms
Key drivers of desire to select your Brand and/or which Touchpoints have most influence on your Brand’s Equity
It also uncovers Market Effects, to understand what factors drive Purchase Decisions
This allows better investment decisions, which will lead to an increase in Market Share
Brand Positioning, Brand Tracking, Brand loyalty Analysis, Brand Equity Analysis.
We provide all the research required inputs using a mix of leading Quantitative, Qualitative, Behavioural Science, and Neuro-Science methods to share consumer/audience Insights for Brand Positioning Strategy.