Market Planning & Strategy provides snapshots of the total population, and give guidance to the long-term marketing strategy. The main purpose is to obtain a deep understanding of the consumers, identify their current and emerging needs, feel the dynamics of the market. View Service.

Our media connection framework ensures the consumer is at the heart of brand media activity from strategy to planning, buying and evaluation.

To help our clients win in-market, Fantein has developed the Innovation Framework that identifies winning ideas, concept, product, package, communication and acceptable price ranges.

Experiential Marketing enables our clients to offer stimulating brand experiences at different touchpoints that connect with consumers and deepen their loyalty to the brand.

Our Advertising development framework helps  client to define, develop and deliver powerful advertising that connect with target audience and drives business results.

Great advertising is the creative that truly inspires consumers to want the client brand.

Fantein has developed an analytical framework to help our client to understand consumer path to purchase and the drivers along the path to purchase. Also, how to influence shopper behavior at point of purchase and across different touchpoints. This helps our client to optimize their shopper planning and strategies.

Pricing research generally provide understanding of how price affects demand and the basis for consumer price decisions and behaviors.

Our packaging development service helps our clients to optimize the contribution of packaging to enduring relationship between the consumer and the their brand.

Fantein has developed a comprehensive framework for understanding the relative strength of brands and the underlying drivers of brand health to help our clients to develop brand positioning and strategy, it is called Fantein Brand*Radar™.

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