Shopper Planning & Strategy

Fantein has developed an Analytical Framework to help our Clients to understand Consumer Path to Purchase and the drivers along the Path to Purchase. Also, how to influence Shopper Behavior at point of purchase and across different touchpoints. This helps our clients to optimize their Shopper Planning and Strategies.

Our Shopper Planning & Strategy Framework, called Fantein Shopper*Mind, uses Behavioral Science and in-situation testing to help Manufacturers and Retailers to achieve their goals for today’s physical and digital shopping challenges

Our Fantein Shopper*Mind explores the different touchpoints along the path to purchase that build loyalty to a brand or product. The new Digital Habits, Social Trends, and the cross usage of online and in-store Shopping are increasing the challenge of connecting with Shoppers

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Deep Dive Understanding of category, Retail & Shoppers.

Shopper and Consumer not always the same person – target the Shopper with a relevant message
Identify Shoppers using Shopper Understanding Model & Framework.
Profile Shoppers for targeting
Harness and be aware of new technology to create engagement along the entire Path to Purchase.
Happy black girl with shopping bags. Excited smiling shopaholic holding colorful shopping bags at turquoise sudio background with copy space
Winning “at Point of Purchase” via understanding: * Shoppers & Retailers | * Customer Decision Journeys
We provide all the Research required inputs using mix of leading Quantitative,
Qualitative, Behavioural Science, and Neuro-Science methods to share
Consumer/Audience Insights for Shopper Planning and Strategy.