Market Planning & Strategy

We provide all the Research required inputs using mix of leading Quantitative, Qualitative, Behavioural Science, and Neuro-Science methods to share consumer/audience Insights for Marketing Planning and Strategy
Market Planning & Strategy provides snapshots of the total population, and give guidance to the long-term Marketing Strategy. The main purpose is to obtain a deep understanding of the Market and Consumers, identify their current and emerging needs, feel the dynamics of the Market.

Fantein has developed a Framework to help Clients to understand the Markets, Brands, and Consumers deeper, and bring it together to feed in Client Market Planning and Strategy.

This framework entails the use of leading-edge research solutions and analytics driven by a consumer-centric approach and business needs. This ensures that our Clients can connect to consumers real-life and real-time via our Marketing Research

Usage and Attitudes
Market Structure & Competitive Landscape
Market Trends
Market Size & Segmentation
Behaviors, Attitudes & Needs
Market Entry Strategies

Our Market Planning & Strategy Framework helps a company address challenges associated with identifying appropriate market-entry strategies, opportunities and white space.